What is it all About?Inside the BunkerGet in Touch

What is it all About?

20 foot below ground, step back into time.

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Inside the Bunker

None of the creature comforts but everything you require to survive.

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Get in Touch

All about me and how to get in touch

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The Lights

The first two pictures are the battery powered lights. These were used extensively in posts. The first picture is small strip which was used the most as the general light (second picture) used a lot more amps. As such it was used occasionally to give your eyes a rest from the dim light. The third picture is the florescent tube which was run by the Yamaha EF 1000 generator. This is what was referred to as a luxury item. Not fitted as standard but definitely made training nights and exercises far more bearable. The fourth picture is the emergency light, I jest you not and yes, it is an issued item, direct from stores with the “crows foot” stamped on the bottom. You never know when the batteries might fail! Burning candle in confined space. I wonder what HSE would make of that these days?