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What is it all About?

20 foot below ground, step back into time.

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Inside the Bunker

None of the creature comforts but everything you require to survive.

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Get in Touch

All about me and how to get in touch

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The Tele Talk

The Tele Talk. Used for communication between the group sector control and other posts within the cluster. The obvious flaw in the design with these were they relied on the phone lines above ground. After a blast phone lines for miles around would be down and it was up to each post that lost communication to physically deliver their information to the master post for transmitting over the radio. Given the belief that a nuclear exchange would be limited, it was acceptable for a certain percentage of post to lose communication whilst most would still remain in contact via the phone lines that were not within blast radius.

This is a particularly rare piece of kit. Sought not just by military collectors but by BT collectors as well.